What is Innovative Amazing Science ?

Innovative Amazing Science is a blog written & owned by Mrs. Sunayana Das. Innovative Amazing Science is a platform where teachers, parents & students can get involved in science communication and advocate for science related topics, where some articles as well as videos of some eminent people’s will also be shared.

When are new articles, posts or video published?

Innovative Amazing Science publishes videos, articles, posts usually on Sunday weekly. 

Is there any hidden charges to write articles or download E-books from this website?

We are happy to declare that access to this website will be entirely free of cost as well as the downloads of E-books.

Why should I write for Innovative Amazing Science?

Innovative Amazing Science is  designed to give anyone who is keen to learn & share there knowledge about science & science related experiments. It is a platform for learning as well as public writing. Writing an article based on science related for us is also a good addition to your CV and an opportunity to hone your writing skills as well as knowledge sharing.

Who can write for Innovative Amazing Science?

Any-one who has basic understanding of science, this includes research techs, science teachers, graduates, students, science communicators, post-docs, science policy analysts, professors, and interns. 

What can I write about?

Anything science related. Examples: Recent research conducted in field of science, real life experiences which are science related, environment, editorials, education… and much more!

How long should a post be?

Upto 1200 words.

I don’t think I’m a good writer, should I give writing article a try?

Yes! You only get better with practice. Plus, you will get feedback and edits. Writing is a reiterative process! 

Can I include pictures?

You are welcome to choose pictures if they are taken by yourself or if they are free non-copyrighted photos.

What is my audience?

The tone of the writing is informal, public writing. Your audience is mostly teacher’s, students & parents(who are interested on various science topics) on social media. Keep in mind, Innovative Amazing Science advocates for science transparency and accessibility, therefore try to limit jargon use when possible. 

How can I post articles ?

Please email us on [email protected] once approved will be published in articles section.

How much time before should I submit my article for publish?

We should receive your articles two weeks before the publish date so that we can discuss edits. 

I’m writing about a sensitive topic, can I be anonymous?

Anonymous is completely not allowed as we believe in transparency..

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