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Innovative Amazing Science Motto is “Knowledge should reach every home”

Welcome to Innovative Amazing Science with Sunayana. I am a facilitator and I love my work. This website aims at nurturing and educating young minds with a tinge of real life experiences. It simplifies the topic and explains step by step. It corelates the life experiences and the experiments / activity through stories. Sometimes it takes small topics and explains in depth. We absolutely believe in a fun way teaching and learning method and love getting ideas and stories from you all ,so keep posting your comments to update you with the content in a very simple way. Thank you for visiting this website. Do share the link with your near and dear ones. Thank you ? everyone for watching ? Every thing on this website will be completely free as our basic concept is sharing knowledge, experience & ideas of each other. Stay happy and blessed ?

Special Thanks to PAYAKT;Shopping & Services On Click to provide there sponsorship for this website.

For any suggestions, feedback or any doubts regarding experiments.Please feel free to contact us on sunayana@innovativeamazingscience.in

Thank you

Sunayana Das

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